Already posted on my instagram (soozunxsunshine), but here are some better pictures of my new phone~~ ^^ I finally got a normal phone, LOL. I can’t believe I got this one though, I remember seeing it on tumblr & thinking it looked kinda childish. I don’t care anymore though, I love it hehe. After posting it on instagram some people told me they wanted it & what not so I decided to post a review. 

Please keep in mind that I only got this phone yesterday! I do not know much about its battery life. I think it’s quite short but maybe it’s cus I keep turning it on and locking it. (Lolol as you can see I’m very excited over it.) If you have questions feel free to ask me! Or google them. ^^

I have NEVER had any sort of smartphone before, the closest thing I own to a smartphone is my iTouch 4. If you are using the iPhone 4s/5, Samsung Galaxy S3, or anything similiar, you probably will not like this phone. 

T-mobile was having a free smart phone deal so my mom & I decided to check out the store and finally open up cell phone lines. I had been so set on getting a Galaxy S3 but decided not to after seeing how much I had to pay for 4G. I didn’t think I’d use it much so I chose this phone, the best one I saw available.

The model name is Samsung Galaxy Y (Young), I got the Hello Kitty version which I believe is limited edition? I’m using T-mobile but I think very view T-mobile stores carry it so you’d have to buy it online. The store I went to was Vietnamese owned and they order a lot of their phones directly from the phone manufacturers so they have a lot more options. Most T-mobile stores have ugglaaaayy phones, unless you pay like $200+ for a decent smartphone. I think the phone was $150? But I got it for cheaper because my mom’s friend preferred us there.

The phone comes with:

  • Wi-fi
  • GPS
  • 2MP camera
  • Android 2.3? The Gingerbread one
  • 180 MB internal memory
  • 2GB memory card, but can hold up to 32GB
  • earphones
  • SMS
  • Can hold cell phone charms!
  • & whatever typical smartphones come w/ nowadays I guess. You can ask me if you wanna know something specific. Or google it.


  • It’s pink. (LOL)
  • It’s Hello Kitty.
  • Comes with a bunch of Hello Kitty wallpapers, the buttons & icons are allll Hello Kitty. She even greets you when you turn on your phone.
  • It’s kawaii as fuq.
  • You can customize the shit out of it


  • There is very little internal memory 
  • Screen resolution
  • You have to open the back case to insert cell phone charm & SD chip
  • No front camera
  • Touch screen is not as great as iTouch / iPhone or newer smartphones.

Like I said before, the phone looks pretty childish. It’s really small too, 4.09 x 2.28 x 0.45 in. Screen resolution is 240 x 320 pixels, 3.0 inches (~133 ppi pixel density).  I think it was aimed towards like kids and teens, hence “Galaxy Young.” What mattered most to me was how much I’d be able to customize. Unlike the iPhone or iTouch, I can use Live (moving) wallpapers, phone themes, SMS themes, etc. You can see my current wallpaper in the last two pics, it’s a moving princess-y clock, suuuper pink & girly. ^^ I also liked that I can download apps, but I can only use them with wifi so I’ll probably delete some and just use them on my iTouch. The camera quality is probably better than my iTouch 4, but sadly there’s no front camera. I’ll stick to taking selcas on my iTouch.

The thing that bothered me most was the small internal memory & the small screen resolution. Some apps makers don’t allow their apps to be moved to the SD storage, so it takes up a lot of the phone space. Fonts & wallpapers you get from apps also take up quite a lot of space. The small screen resolution does not fit a lot of the wallpapers, themes, or lock screens I want so I was pretty bummed out. They look okay but they’re kinda squished weirdly onto the screen.

Overall it’s a decent phone, but if you’re using a muchhh nicer phone then I don’t recommend getting this unless all you care about is the cuteness of the phone. If you are one of the few people that have never had a smartphone and don’t need much besides calling & texting, then this phone great! ^^ Especially for all you Hello Kitty obsessed girls~ 

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